Psychology is one of the important aspects of man other than the body. Both can not be separated because if one of them is problematic then it is not normal. Ideally, it is to have a healthy body and a healthy soul. Mensana in corpore sano, in a healthy body there is a healthy soul. That is the slogan and motivation for us so that we always keep the body condition both physically and mentally, one of them with exercise. Psychotherapy becomes one of the alternative treatment that is often done by the therapist who aims to restore the patient’s mental condition to return to normal and can be done for several times. There are several methods of psychotherapy that are currently effective enough to cure depression, and quite popular. Well, on this occasion we will share information about some therapeutic methods to cure depression (psychiatric disorders) to you all. Here are some methods of therapy to cure depression (psychiatric disorders); Behavioral therapy. This method of therapy is done with the aim to help patients (sufferers of depression) who have a tendency/behavior strange such as attempted suicide, mood (mood unstable), easy panic, phobia (excessive fear), or like daydreaming empty mind. No need to worry, ayahuasca healing is there for you, just visit our official site.

Patients with depression that behave usually caused by the obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, and violent disturbances both physically and mentally. This method of dialectical behavior therapy aims to assist patients with these disorders, especially in understanding the behavior and thoughts of the “extreme” is. Furthermore, people with depression will be taught to imitate and develop interpersonal skills in order to behave normally against something. Patients with depression will learn to solve a problem and learn to develop interpersonal skills in every week. How to give problems to the patient to be completed at home, and of course with monitoring from the therapist.

In addition to individual therapy, patients will also undergo group therapy. Psychodynamic therapy; The second method of therapy is psychodynamic therapy. As the name implies, this therapy aims to make patients feel comfortable and willing to talk about the problem bluntly / openly. Of course, the thing to talk about is his thoughts and feelings without any interruption from anyone. If the patient is comfortable to vent/express his mind, then it will look at patterns of behavior that will be unconsciously visible during therapy.

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